H Infinity tower – City Center, Tel Aviv

$560,000 (Starting From)


Group Hajaj is proud to introduce the new flagship project of the company – “H-Infinity”
The project, which is located on the corner of Ibn Gvirol and Jabotinsky in Tel Aviv, which combines an exceptional location and attractive with uncompromising luxury on the part of the developers, should allow the residents to enjoy the fruits of the tremendous investment project into practice published by the hands Group Hajaj.
Project – a 48-story tower and building textures 6 storey commercial fronted Street Ibn Gabirol.
The architectural firm “Moshe Tzur”, which is responsible for a significant portion of the projects which have been established in recent years, was elected to the developers hands after placing an uncompromising standard for project defined by the company’s flagship project.
The tower, which will be built in the coming years, designed spiral entire height to where people can enjoy endless views of the city combined with the breathtaking sight of the west coast of Tel Aviv.
The design and materials selected for the project are a significant step when it comes to luxury high-rises, all under the desire of developers to provide buyers quality specifications at the highest level.
Park welfare of the residents combined with high quality swimming pool and fitness and spa facilities, will form an integral part of the attractions offered by the building.
Aluminum curtain walls bleached future combined to make the tower a luxurious look that radiates incomparably distance the impressive presence and strength of the tower.

Join today and enjoy our family and supportive group of unparalleled quality that sets a new standard for luxury residences.
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